Our Founder


jason wallEr, president

  • Infantry Sergeant in US Army
  • Lead Field Service Engineer, Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS) program in Afghanistan
  • Areas of Experience: Residential, commercial and storm site management in support of administration, logistical and claims management processes. 10+ years of experience working alongside multi-national military personnel as an Infantry Sergeant in the U.S. Army and a Lead Field Service Engineer as an overseas government contractor.
  • Education: Currently in his senior year at Southern Methodist University studying Management Science in the Lyle School of Engineering. He is also in the 4+1 Master's program pursuing his Master's degree in Engineering Management
  • Internships: Interning for The Feld Group Institute where he learns from seasoned business and technology strategists as they work with Fortune 500 companies to grow in today's rapidly accelerating world.

Jason Waller is an entrepreneur, decorated military veteran and devoted family man who has dedicated his professional life to improving the quality of the lives of his fellow veterans.

He is a doting husband and a proud father of two boys who enjoys coaching youth sports teams and remaining active in his local community.

Jason was 24 years old and an IT analyst for Cingular Wireless when 9/11 happened. He gave up his career and enlisted in the Infantry, serving 15 months in Iraq. While there, he earned a Combat Infantry Badge, Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal, among others.

After the military, he worked as an Independent Adjuster for two years, not only adjusting claims, but also working in storm management. 

He went back overseas as a contractor for the Department of Defense, spending half a year in Iraq and four years in Afghanistan, working in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. In his last post, he was Lead Field Service Engineer for Regional Command-South (RC-S), responsible for all technical issues for the 22 military bases that had his company’s equipment (aerostats, towers, ground control stations, etc.). Jason was the go-to person for the very complex systems used in that theater, creating a model hub for other leads to duplicate. He was recognized by the PGSS program as well as the U.S. Army for his contributions in keeping safe the men and women of the Armed Forces and those of other countries as well.

He left his job as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan and became a full-time student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in August 2014. Since then, he’s met many people interested in hiring qualified veterans and helping them to succeed. Because he knows first-hand that for the military veteran, transitioning from a life in uniform to life without one can be a battle, he established Emergent Services to focus on recruiting and training military veterans to become independent claims adjusters.