We honor our commitments and are trained to follow through with a task to completion or ideal resolution.


We honor our word, take responsibility for our actions and are not afraid to face the consequences of a mistake.

Because we were frequently exposed to change in the service, we embrace new and challenging situations as opportunities to be flexible and adjust without complaint.



We are action-oriented and taught to rely on our experience, intuition and integrity to make the best decisions.

We understand that an inefficient team member is a direct reflection of the entire team's performance. We are quick to step up to help our teammates in need.


We are proactive and hardwired to take action and complete tasks with haste and integrity, anticipating and responding to needs.


We thrive in challenging and inconvenient environments and circumstances, enabling us to persevere and succeed in stressful, time-sensitive conditions.


We take pride in ourselves and how others perceive us. Maintaining eye contact, a professional appearance and positive attitude are part of our DNA.

Professional Presence