Military veterans transition into ideal property adjusters.


As El Niño rages, the North Pole thaws, and global temperatures reach record-breaking highs, loss adjustment expenses and claims management processes continue to pose challenges throughout the insurance industry.  Insurance companies rely on independent adjusting services more and more every year.  And yet, the potential to provide optimal claims management services hasn't been fully reached in today's world with the Internet of Things (IoT) and data science methodology continually raising the bar. 


We provide the very best military veterans who exemplify the following qualities:


When we say we are going to do something, we do it, and we follow through all the way to the end, whether the task is simple or complex.  We are trained to figure things out ourselves or be resourceful in seeking the expertise of senior personnel without hesitation.


We take full responsibility for our actions and are always truthful in our endeavors.  We learn from our mistakes and do not shy away from any consequences associated with any mistakes we've made.  


Military veterans are conditioned to not only make decisions quickly, but to make the right decisions in any situation.  When facing unfamiliar circumstances, we are taught to rely on our experience, intuition and integrity to make the right calls.


We know that one weak link in the chain that is our team will compromise the integrity of the entire team.  We step up to help our teammates without being asked because we all realize that a weak team member is a direct reflection of the entire team's performance.


Veterans are pre-wired to complete tasks with haste and integrity.  We go above and beyond in anticipating the needs of our clients and their customers.  And we're specially attuned to the needs of our fellow team members.  We are proactive, not reactive.


Challenge and inconvenience are relative terms, and military veterans are accustomed to succeeding in the most challenging and inconvenient of circumstances.  In fact, veterans thrive in these situations in a way that makes them uniquely qualified to succeed in stressful conditions while remaining sensitive to time constraints.

professional presence

As veterans, we take pride in ourselves and how we are perceived by others.  This applies to more than just grooming standards and being respectful of others.  Maintaining eye contact when engaging others, carrying ourselves with situational awareness of our surroundings, and greeting others in passing is a part of our DNA.  


Military veterans are well-traveled and have been so frequently exposed to change that we embrace it.  We view challenging situations as opportunities to persevere without complaint.


We perform at a high level because we choose military veterans of outstanding qualities who are prepared to make personal sacrifices and devote themselves to each other and the mission of our company.  We use our profits for the collective growth of the company, the individual growths of our unique adjusters, and the long-term sustainment of future generations of our adjusters and their families.  

Our management team isn't driven by pride as individuals, set apart from the men and women with whom they're working.  The force behind our company is the pride with which each and every one of our adjusters work to achieve company objectives.

At Emergent Services, LLC, we believe almost anyone can learn how to adjust a loss.  However, in a rapidly changing society where adjusters are under more scrutiny than ever, our Clients can rest easy knowing their policyholders are in the capable hands of men and women of the highest integrity.


Many insurance companies are military-friendly.  Providing them with our high-quality adjusters furthers their commitment to veterans and minority-owned businesses, but they also get the added value of a more efficient claims management process.

Military veterans struggle to transition to civilian life because their skills aren't readily transferable to today's job market where such a high degree of specialization is required.  This often leads many veterans down the dismal path of idle time and complacency.  Or they settle for unchallenging work in order to keep their families fed without realizing the toll this takes on them over time.  Veterans perform optimally in the property adjusting profession because they work for themselves yet still work alongside other veterans who understand and communicate well with them.  They rest easy each night knowing they made a difference in the lives of the Americans they've served behind the scenes for many years.

We're obtaining the certifications and licenses that afford us the opportunity to work in any of the contiguous states.  We find the prospect of deploying to weather-torn regions of the United States to be liberating and meaningful.


President and Founder

Jason Waller

Bio – Jason is an entrepreneur, decorated military veteran and devoted family man who has dedicated his professional life to improving the quality of the lives of his fellow veterans.

Jason is a doting husband and a proud father of two boys.  He enjoys coaching youth sports teams and remaining active in his local community.

Experience – Jason has 10+ years of experience working alongside multi-national military personnel as an Infantry Sergeant in the U.S. Army and a Lead Field Service Engineer as an overseas government contractor.

Jason is also an intern at The Feld Group Institute where he learns from seasoned business and technology strategists as they work with Fortune 500 companies to grow in today's rapidly accelerating world. 

Jason has extensive experience as a residential and commercial Independent Property Claims Adjuster as well as in storm site management in support of administration, logistical and claims management processes.

Education – Jason is currently in his junior year at Southern Methodist University studying Management Science in the Lyle School of Engineering.  He is also in the 4+1 Masters program pursuing his Masters degree in Engineering Management.

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